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Dolphin excursions

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Hi all

im going on harmony of the seas next week and am just trying to finalise my excursions. I'm stuck though on which dolphin excursion?? I'm looking at either the dolphin cove swim in Jamaica or the dolphin Royal one in Mexico. I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advise that have done either that may be able to help me choose!! 

Thanks in advance :-) 

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Are this programs where you can watch the dolphins in their natural surroundings or is this about dolphins living in captivity?

Please keep in mind what you are doing to the dolphins, it's not their natural behavior to swim around with tourists and drag them through a swimming pool and being touched by anybody. They are forced to do so. In capitivity dolphins have a much lower survival rate than in wildlife.

For more information I recommend the following website:


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We did the Dolphin Cove swim in Jamaica and loved it.  It was scary getting into the water with a wild animal but the staff made sure we all did exactly as instructed, with the understanding that we could be pulled out of the water at any time for not obeying commands.  I recommend buying the photo package as well.  It is pricey but if you are going with another couple you can split the cost and share the DVD, it will have everyone in the photos, even the people in the group that you do not know.  My father-in-law and his grand-daughter were with us and he thanked me for booking this excursion saying it made the entire trip.

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