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Hello all

Off for the first time with royal caribbean on the 1st May after only previously sailing with P&O

I can book the internet with 30% off but someone has told me that as there is probably about 10 in

Our group that we may get a better deal if we try to get a group discount on board I find this hard to believe has anyone else had any experience of this .


Cheers Ray

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I'd take the 30 percent off deal, maybe you can get a group discount but I doubt it. There will be no discounts once onboard.

I get a one device plan and share with my wife to save money, it works for us. Basically it means only on device can be online at once. So if I'm online with my device and she wants to go online with her device she can do that, I'll just get kicked offline. Many devices can use the 'one device' plan, it's just one allowed at a time. For us it's perfect because we just like to check our mail. For people who need to be online at all times a multi device plan may work better, it'll just cost much more. Maybe a multi device plan would be best for your group, I believe you can get up to 5 devices online at once, very expensive though.

If people in your group are willing to share plans it would save lots of money.

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