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Covid & Air2Sea

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If you booked your flights through Air2Sea and you have to cancel due to testing positive for covid pre-boarding, are the flights also fully refundable? I may have missed it on the website, but I only saw the part about cruise fare. 

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If you have an agent, the agent can see about rescheduling.  What I read is that the airfare isn't covered by Royal's cruise policies, but I don't know what type of supplemental travel insurance you may have.  If you don't have an agent, and you are thinking of rescheduling your cruise, I would talk to Air2Sea.  If you are a Crown and Anchor member, then CAS may have additional information for you. 

Air2Sea has some FAQs you could check out.  When I viewed them, the question about refunds for cancelled tickets was raised.  Whether you get a refund depends upon the conditions of your original purchase (did you purchase a refundable ticket?).  Also, some airlines have Covid policies, so your carrier might provide relief.  Remember that Air2Sea acts like a travel agent to get tickets offered by the carriers.  You can investigate what your carrier's policy is on "covid cancellations" or "covid rescheduling".  Best of luck!

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