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Question about the Rosarito Beach Break excursion

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Hi everyone. I’m going on my first cruise on October 28th with my sister and her family. Boarding the Navigator of the Seas from Los Angeles to Ensenada (and back). I was thinking about booking the Rosarito Beach Break: Tacos & Margaritas excursion for my family. However the website states the minimum age is 12. My sister has two kids (will be 1 and 11 years old at the time we set sail). When I try to reserve online, it says the kids are ineligible due to age. Are kids under 12 allowed to go with their parents to this excursion? If they’re allowed to, do I have to pay for them as well or would they be considered “free of charge”? If I have to pay for them, how would I do that since the website won’t even let me reserve that excursion for the kids???


If anyone can please clarify how this will work for people with children, that would be great! Also, which hotel/resort beach club are they dropping us off at? I’m curious and would like to research the resort to see if it’s worth doing this. Thanks!

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18 minutes ago, KristiZ said:

Welcome to the boards!

Generally, if the tour company puts a minimum age (or a maximum for that matter), it means that no one under that age can go on the excursion at all.

Yeah I figured that was the case. I saw that there was two Rosarito Beach excursion options. I think they are called “Rosarito Beach Club Day Pass” and “Rosarito Beach Break: Tacos & Margaritas”. The first difference between the two is that the Day Pass does not have a maximum or minimum age limit. And the other difference is that the Beach Break says it includes alcohol/food. I’m wondering if I can book the “non-alcoholic” option for the kids and then just get the one that includes alcohol/food for the adults.

Only problem is I don’t know if it’s the same beach club or resort. So I don’t wanna end up booking that way and it turns out to be completely separate resorts haha.

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