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Our reflections on "The Key" package

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Our reflections on "The Key" package:
We would definitely buy it again, especially since we don't stay in suites and get those additional perks.
What we liked about it:
  • We arrived at the port at 11:00 and boarded immediately, although our scheduled boarding time was later. There were special lines at every station for Key passengers.
  • We had a very nice lunch in the MDR (Chops Grille menu) as we waited for our stateroom to be ready, although the quality of my husband's steak wasn't what it would have been at Chops Grille.
  • We received a beautiful fruit plate in our room.
  • We had WiFi & streaming included the entire time.
  • We had priority seating at shows, but didn't really need it.
  • After breakfast on debarkation day, we were escorted right off the ship by a crew member, bypassing hundreds of passengers waiting in line.
  • Our luggage was very easy to find in the "Key" section of the terminal.
What we didn't like about it:
  • The special breakfast in the MDR on debarkation day was like having leftovers. The pastry tray (which included delicious items on previous days), did not have any muffins, croissants or donuts, but instead had a piece of raisin bread and a couple little cinnamon rolls. We would have done much better in the Windjammer.
  • We didn't take any shore excursions that required tendering, so having priority boarding didn't matter.
We would definitely purchase The Key package again for future cruises if the price was right. (I believe we got it for $140, and that included both of us.)
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