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im having a hard time finding all inclusive beach resorts and Georgetown and falmouth for my odyssey of the seas cruise on 4/2/23.

im looking for something like maya chan. LFK. paradise beach cozumel.

any and all info is appreciated!

thank you for your time.


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missed beach resort
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Georgetown is tough but we we book Blue Waters with Lunch and Drinks in Falmouth. It is close to the pier (15 minutes) and is all inclusive. We try to get first in line and go to the hut to reserve a palapa (extra cost but well worth it). Have not found many others all inclusive that are not an arm and a leg in cost. In George town we always book Stingray City. That is a treat that few places can beat. Have two cruises there in the next couple of months, one to SR City and Camana (Shopping center) and one to SR City and Starfish beach. The wife loves the starfish but our oldest who is with us on our first trip does not so...... All that said, very few places are like Maya Chan and Nachi Cocom (where we go in Cozumel). Good luck and happy sailing.

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