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Cruising strategy?

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yeah....don't they sometimes have promo's on where the deposit is reduced or larger OBC so you could actually come out ahead on the initial cruise?


For example when they have the 50% reduced deposit promo's going on, but you would still get the $100 OBC?


I have only done this twice myself. In both cases I was booking a 7-day outside cabin and/or balcony (and was C&A Platinum at the time). The promo was the deposit was reduced to $100, which they charged straight to my credit card at the time of booking (i.e. on the ship during my cruise). I then had the choice between getting a $100 OBC on the current cruise I was on, or on the future cruise I was booking. I have always taken the current cruise. I guess the deposit and OBC would be more if I was booking a suite, and maybe less for a shorter cruise or inside cabin?


Because I don't get a drink package, I always have an onboard account bill exceeding $100, so the way I look at it, I'd be paying that amount anyway -- so it's like booking the cruise without a deposit, and then having a $100 knocked off the price of the cruise (that's not how they do the paperwork on it, but it's effectively how it works out for me).

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