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South Pacific Islands - First Timer


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About to embark on my first cruise with RC EotS.  Super excited.  However, the shore excursions are killing me with anxiety.

To book on cruise line or wait till get there for activities ?

cost vs cost ?

I know that the cruise line guarantee your travel, but lm sure the shore activities are well aware of getting people back in time.


Mare - l hear there is only a beach and a couple of other activities - such as caves etc.  Every forum state NO bikes to be found.

To get to the beach, RC bus you there - at a cost of $15 pp.  WOW.  ONLY option.  RC should be doing this.



I hope this isnt the sign of things to come.

I booked a cruise for 5 (l have 3 teens) and l thought it would be a good option.  

The cost is amounting and l havent even got on the ship yet.





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Generally speaking, I book about half of my excursions through the cruise line and half independently. If I have a lot of time in port, I generally book on my own as there's plenty of time to get back to the ship if something goes wrong (e.g., a broken down car). If the port so is short and/or the excursion requires complicated and/or long transportation, then I book with there cruise line as there's a greater chance that something can go wrong.


Here are a couple of recent examples, we were in Norway and are ship was in port from 8 am to 11 pm. We opted to rent a car knowing we'd be back by 5 or 6, giving us plenty of time if something went wrong. Further, the next port want that far away, and we could get there by ferry if something terrible went wrong. However, when I were in Germany, were wanted to go to Berlin, which was about a 3 hour bus ride each way. There, I opted for the cruise line's excursion as the window was tight should something go wrong. Plus, the next port was a bit further away as the next day was a sea day.

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