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Reserving Specific South Beach Cabana Once Onboard

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The rules have changed regarding reserving the actual cabana once  on board.  They no longer allow you to select the cabana.  The night prior they will drop off the map and give you the instructions on how to get there.  

Once you get there at the concierge stand, you tell them the names and cabin numbers of the people on your list.  This is where you get your wristlet.  The attendant will walk you to the cabana.  

Cabanas are assigned by the purchase date and you won't know what number you are until the very end.  The reason why is many people will cancel and rebook at a lower price.  IE you could have been the 1st to book, so if you keep it at your original price you will be cabana number 1.  Assume I am number 2.  Once you rebook I become number 1 and you move to the next available cabana number.   You do not keep that original number since it is seen as a true cancellation and a new booking.


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