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My wife and I will be leaving on our first cruise on March 21st-28th. We leave out of New Orleans and we will be aboard Majesty. Does anyone have any tips they would like to share? anything from what you wish you knew before your first cruise, if you've been on majesty, things to do in Florida Keys/Nassau/Cococay... We will also be in New Orleans two days before our cruise so if you know of any fun things to do there please let me know. Thanks in advance. 

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@Jakefield15 whooo first cruise? fun. I have not sailed on Majesty but I am sure someone will help you there.

Now since you will be in New Orleans 2 days I can tell you to get all the Beignets.....I mean all. Unless you are gluten free then stay away. New Orleans is great for food especially if you are a fan of seafood...get the barbecue shrimp. We ate at Parkway Bakery & Tavern, Arnaud's, and Deanie's seafood and a lots of other places where we saw menu's but never looked at the name. Imho Arnaud's is too expensive for the taste. The french quarter is exactly what you think it is..so if you like street drinking and weirdo people watching. Get yourself a nice table on a balcony and go to town. Otherwise ride the street cars, take the New Orleans Adventure tour, not the hop on hop off, and choose an area that may strike your fancy.

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