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Good tour guides in Nassua Bahamas


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I can highly recommend this private Nassau tour.  We had a family of 6 on the 4 hour tour, and were taken to all the usual tourist sites, plus the driver also pointed out their school and talked about what life is like on the island during the drive.  He was very proud of his homeland and it showed. It was great to see and hear about the positive aspects of life in Nassau, a big change from the usual crime stories everyone focuses on. 

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When I was in Nassau with my family (wife and two young boys), we planned to do it on our own. However, outside the terminal we met Tyrone Wilson who offered us a tour for $20 per adult and $10 per child. He took us to a run cake bakery, Atlantis, the Queen's Staircase and Fort Fincastle, Greycliff Chocolatiers, and the John Watling rum distillery. On the way back, we were driven past the straw market which we walked to once the tour was done. It was about two hours. We enjoyed it, and it was much more reasonable than the cruise line offerings.

Here's a link to my review on Trip Advisor that also has contact info if you're interested.


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