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Report for Maya Key, Uchben Kah, and Coco Kay


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Just got back from Harmony. 

Maya Key - Great snorkeling experience but now you are taken out by a guide, and the initial tour is just 20-30 minutes.  Recommend you repeat, which is allowed.  The gift shop was a pleasant surprise as the Honduran crafts were cheaper than other gift shops we saw at the port or in Mexico.  The food was included in the excursion, which was under $50 when purchased online.  The facility is clean and well-maintained. We enjoyed looking at the animals, and there are periodic tours offered by a guide.  We intend to repeat this excursion next time we are in Roatan.

Ucben Kah raft ride was tranquil, but not as interesting as we thought it would be -- few sightings of animals and birds, although the 6-inch grasshoppers provided quite the show as we floated through the mangroves.  Guides were great, even providing sparkling wine or water during the 75 minute ride.  The lunch was good, and there was plenty of time to swim in the cool Lake Bacalar.  No gift shop.  I thought the price was a little high compared to other excursions - about $100 when purchased online in advance, and it should have been $75 or $80.  Maybe I am a little picky...

Coco Cay - just a gentle warning there is seaweed in two of the three coves at Chill Island.   It even got inside my suit, which gave me quite the surprise later on!  The middle cove was fine, although Dorian altered the fish population and coral that had begun to grow on the rocks.  There were beautiful but small jelly fish to dodge.  Overall, fewer fish compared to May of this year.

Overall, super weather 8-14 September!

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