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Sending the kids to dinner

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Planning our very first cruise and have so many questions.


Is there any policy or usual practice about the kids going to dinner alone? Is there a minimum age that parents must accompany their kids? Just wondering if we might be able to head off to dinner as a couple at a different restaurant and have the kids go by themselves to the main dining room. We've done this before at resorts but have no idea if this is an option or not on a cruise ship. Kids range from 15 to 10 and are fine with this. Just want to make sure it isn't a problem for the dining room staff.

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Congratulations on booking your first Royal Caribbean cruise! And welcome to the world of Royal Caribbean!


Family Dining from Royal Caribbean website:


Opt for My Family Time Dining® in our main dining room, and your kids will be served right away before Adventure Ocean® staff pick them up for a night of fun. Parents stay behind to relax and continue their meal.


My Family Time Dining is offered for the first seating time in our main dining room, for children ages three to 11. Kids enjoy their meal within 40 minutes of seating, before heading to the evening's Adventure Ocean activities. The program starts the second evening you're onboard. After that, you can use it each evening or whenever you wish.


Already booked your cruise? You can easily pre-register online for My Family Time Dining right now. Or, visit the Adventure Ocean Youth Program area while onboard to sign up.


Adventure Ocean site:



To fully answer your question: Yes it is okay to just send your children to the main dining room just as long as they know where your dining table is. If you have a 15 year old then they'll be able to go back to the location and explain to the waitstaff that mom and dad are dining by themselves tonight. I wouldn't recommend this option for younger children as they might get lost or not fully understand what they are to do. 


The family dining option listed above has age restrictions. After age 11 children can really do as they please. Your 15 year old might be fine going to the arcade or hanging out in the teens club. There is always the Windjammer Marketplace buffet too for dinner and snacks.


If you plan to send your kids to the main dining room without you I would talk to the waitstaff first (like the night before) just to let them know. Or you could escort your family to the table and explain what is going on. I have seen kids dining alone at tables before as the adults are gone for an adult only dinner. The waitstaff will most likely spend extra time with them doing tricks and showing them neat things to keep them occupied (I have seen this also).  ;)

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