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Why Can't I book Speciality Dining On-Line


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Hi All - My and my wife are Newbies to Cruising! We are booked on Splendour of The Seas Arabian Sea 7 Days Cruise on 4th January 16. We booked My Time Dining because we just want to please ourselves and go formal if we want! Don't if we want!

However its my 65th whilst we are on board and I wanted to book a speciality Restaurant that night. I waited patiently for the Dining section of My Cruise Planner to start taking reservations and logged into my booking etc no problem But when I go into Dining & Beverages - Dining >> I'm only being given the My Time option in the MDR - See Attached image. Can anyone help please!


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Can you show us what you see if you just click the "Dining & Beverage" link in the main navigation?

The attached image shows that they can book MTD, but only at 8:30, 8:45, and 9:00 I believe. The specialty restaurants aren't showing availability, but I think it's because it's 70+ days out and from an international port. My guess is that availability will show within the next two weeks. The ship could also be finalizing schedules for things like the Murder Mystety dinner.
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