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Found 4 results

  1. Today, April 7, 2019 as I write this I *should* be sipping a beverage having boarded Liberty of the Seas in Galveston, TX. Mother Nature had other plans. Instead of a cruise live blog, I thought I'd do something different. An "OMG I missed my cruise and need to file an insurance claim" live blog. If interested, follow along with me on this journey as I file my first ever insurance claim for missing a cruise, live as it unfolds. Today's Itinerary: 4am Depart home on way to airport 6:15am Board aircraft 6:16am Score awesome 1st row seat on Southwest Airlines with ample legroom 6:20am Begin watching 2nd half of free movie I half watched on last flight a week ago 6:50am PA announcement of one hour air traffic control delay into Houston 7:10am Finish watching 2nd half of free movie I half watched on last flight a week ago 7:35am PA announcement that all morning flights into Houston are cancelled and please deplane 7:45am Discovery that there is no possible way to reach Houston today in time to make the cruise 7:54am Phone call to insurance company 9:22am Back home to ponder life I always advocate flying in the day before a cruise and getting a hotel. I've cruised out of Galveston a couple times before and that has always been my approach. In fact that is my default approach for all cruises that I take. In this case family commitments meant that wasn't an option this time and with a relatively short direct flight arriving into Houston's Hobby airport at 10am on boarding day I thought I'd take the chance. What could go wrong? It's a beautiful sunny day here at home today. Weather? What weather? I have an annual insurance plan with Allianz. Like any insurance policy it has coverage for various events based on "covered reasons" with different coverage limits for each type of event. My initial phone call confirmed this should be a covered event with a coverage limit of $2,000.00 for "Trip Cancellation". That isn't a whole lot compared to the cost of a cruise but as a frequent solo cruiser it's enough to cover the whole cost or at least take a sting out of my losses for most cruises I tend to take. I've never filed to a travel insurance claim before. This is a first for me.
  2. We have booked Cuba for 01/20/20 and are considering if we need to purchase travel insurance from an outside vendor. Arch RomeRight & CF Travel Insured. Any thoughts?
  3. My wife and I usually drive to the port in Galveston when we cruise, so we have never purchased travel insurance. We are about to book a cruise on Harmony out of Florida and so we will be purchasing the insurance this time around. My question is should we book it through Royal Caribbean or go with an outside company? The cost from Royal Caribbean is $118.00 for the two of us. Is this a competitive rate and also competitive coverage?
  4. Changing topics for a moment, with 4 cruises in 12 months have you considered an annual travel insurance plan? The one I just bought isn't calendar year (Jan - Jan) but from the month coverage begins and for 12 months after. Sure beats buying insurance each time. While shopping the other day I came across a Canadian version. If you purchase with coverage starting in Aug. '17 you would be covered through Aug. '18. EDIT - Note - This thread was split from within an unrelated thread since it was getting far off topic.
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