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Found 4 results

  1. Gooood afternoon. Recently booked a free interior room via casino royale. I'm wondering how they calculate room prices for upgrades? For example: I booked and was able to pick my room, and the same room type is currently $426(per person). When I look at balconies, they are currently $720(per person). Is it a straight up calculation (before taxes) that an upgrade should cost me (720-426)*2 = $588. Or is it based on the supposed price discounted? Looking at my invoice, it shows 'Cruise Fare' at $656 per person.. which would put at balcony at (720-588)*2 = $264 Can anyone explain their math?
  2. My awesome wife and I just booked a 4 day on the Enchantment of the Sea in February 2020, out of Galveston, TX, for our 20th Anniversary! Being a special occasion, I pushed my, normally frugal penny pinching wife, to splurge for a suite and upgraded amenities to spoil us for the four days. So we booked a Grand Suite for the cruise. We are so excited!!! This will be our second cruise. First time with Royal Caribbean. First time was with Carnival and it was fun, but a bit wild with drunken brawls on the lido deck. The motivation for booking the Grand Suite was not just the nicer room and balcony, but for the added amenities. The Key program, concierge, preferred seating at shows, etc. I'm trying to research how to best take advantage of these upgrades to assure we have the time of our lives for these four days. Any input anyone can give to these RC newbies would be greatly appreciated! What can we expect and what can we take advantage of while on board? I know there are some seasoned pros out there that have the true inside tips? (we also plan on booking another cruise while on board, maybe summer 2020, for us and the two teenagers - we hear that is the best time to get deals) Thank you in advance for any responses!
  3. Has anyone heard any details regarding Royal Caribbean's "More to Love" Ship Enhancement Program; certainly less advertised than the bigger, longer planned Refurbishments Pregram. I recently came across a revitalization schedule that shows Royal Caribbean's planned ship refurbishments. The schedule includes some of these low key "More to Love" Enhancements. I'm particularly interested in learning anything about the enhancements planned for Radiance in May 2016. I will be sailing her south-bound in Alaska on May 27 2016. I have noticed a gap in Radiance sailing schedule once she reaches Vancouver (following her transpacific crossing) and right before she starts the Alaska season - dry docking in Vancouver. Looking forward to some new sparkling surprises once I board! I'm hoping the enhancements include VOOM :-)
  4. Being that my next cruise isn't until June 16' and RCCL just announced that they will be "putting some meat on the bones" of the amenities that passengers who book suites receive: WHAT DO YOU THINK IT WILL LOOK LIKE? Will it be a copy of Celebraties program? WIll there be different categories for different suite types? WIll it impact free upgrades? I realize this topic may be short lived, because they could release details any day, but for now....What are your thoughts?
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