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Found 4 results

  1. I'm interested in booking an excursion with Sunita Tours St Maarten. They have over 450 terrific reviews on Tripadvisor/Viator/Google but i would like to know if anyone here has had an experience on one of thier tours. Im mostly interested in The Best of St Maarten Private Sightseeing Tour. Their website for reference https://sunita-tours.com/
  2. Hi, For St. Maarten excursion, I was planning to just take a taxi to the Cul De Sac, and then take the ferry to Pinel Island. But I am worried that, after we get back from Pinel Island, we won't be able to find a taxi in the Cul De Sac area. Do you know if it'd be easy to find a taxi there to bring us back to port, or to Philipsburg? People have mentioned that, when we get dropped off at the ferry station, we should ask the taxi driver to pick us up. We will do that of course. But what if he doesn't show up? Do we have a recourse? I read that you can take the bus too, but I can't find any information on where the bus would stop. TIA!
  3. I am going to book a Bernard's Tour to Orient Beach in a few weeks, I see that it's clothing optional. My 2 girls (16 & 20 years old) don't seem to like the fact there will be nude people. How bad is it really? I assume most will be clothed? I'd also assume many will just be topless? And is it big enough to likely find a place on the beach not quite as busy, thus having less naked people? Trying to get some info to ease their minds about it. Thanks!
  4. This is the review I posted on TripAdvisor for Soualiga Destinations Boat Tours in St. Maarten ********************************************************** After we did our Speed Boat/ATV/Jungle Trek excursion in Belize, we didn't think anything would ever again top that experience. We've had to wait nearly 10 years for something to compete. The Soualiga Boat Tour has done just that! On the morning of October 22nd, we walked down to Dock Maarten. Captain Bob was all business at the dock, but he has been nothing but professional and helpful from beginning to end. He had a lot to manage that morning, so I can easily overlook any curtness. Besides, from all the reviews I've read, he was a fabulous captain back in the day. And that's okay, because we had Captain Mike and he was great! Before I go any further, I have to say that the lunch they provided was one of the best meals we had during our entire cruise vacation. I really didn't know what to expect, but the creole mahi, red beans and rice, and salad were delicious! (Even if the city was hosting a protest that day. A little unnerving, especially if you bring the little ones. Of course, there is no way I'd ever hold Soualiga accountable for that. Just mentioning it, because you always need to remember that you're entering a foreign country with their own ways of doing things. Stay with the group and you'll be fine.) Back to the trip.... Captain Mike's boat was awesome! He told me that his type of boat is what the government agencies (DEA, FBI, etc.) use because they're powerful and sturdy. We were flying! And bouncing! But, when I pulled him aside to ask him about the power and ability of the boat, he said she was doing about half of what she could handle. He said that he needed to throttle it back so we wouldn't get hurt. It was a rush! I wish we could have gone faster. The 14 other people onboard with my wife and I all had a blast! The boat was also clean and well cared for. I even saw Mike maintaining the hull while we were anchored at Pinel Island. Very fastidious! Along with providing an amazing vessel, Bob and Mike also provided everything we would need to enjoy our stops: snorkel equipment, floating noodles, etc. Plus, there was plenty of cold bottled water, soda, and beer. As for the stops, they were paradise. Pinel Island was probably my favorite, but that might be because it was the first stop, and the most leisurely. The snorkeling at the other stops was fantastic! We saw turtles and all sorts of fish. The waters were clear and warm. Mike also pointed out a lot along the way, like St. Barts - home to the rich and famous! We also saw King Kong island. And, of course, we made the quintessential stop at Maho to see the planes! What an experience! I'd say that seeing it in a boat is better than on land. True, you can get closer to the plane standing on Maho Beach, but Mike had a surprise in store for us. As soon as we saw the landing, he swooped around to the other side of the airport so we could see the takeoff! That may have been more amazing, because that plane had no room for error - it would have hit the mountain! What a sight! As you can tell, we loved this experience. We highly recommend it! I don't write a lot of reviews, but I was too impressed not to say something about the Soualiga Destinations Boat Tour.
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