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Found 2 results

  1. As I complete the "live" blog of my recent Christmas cruise on the Majesty at a glacial pace, there's something I really need to talk with other cruisers about. Let me start by saying that I am FAR from a pizza snob. While I've enjoyed some excellent pizza in my time, and I frequently make my own cast iron pan pizzas from scratch, I still appreciate a slice from a national chain, the mall, Cici's or even Digiorno's and Red Barron. I was a firm believer that there's no such thing as bad pizza. Just good pizza and better pizza. I was wrong. Sorrento's is bad pizza. What in gods name do they DO to it? They appear to be using pre-made crusts with a normal-looking sauce and shredded mozzarella. The toppings are kinda skimpy, but that's not a big deal. The problem is that it's got a texture I can only describe as gluey as all hell. Like Elmer's school glue. The crust crisps up reasonably well on the bottom and edges, the cheese browns on the top, but there's something going terribly wrong at the crust-sauce-cheese interface. The entire mass stuck to the roofs of our mouths and left an unpleasant film on our teeth and tongues. I tried multiple different kinds across different days to see if it was just a particular variety to rule out a bad batch, strange customized recipe or something that's been sitting out too long. It was consistently gluey and terrible. An especially well-done pie, fresh out of the oven was only marginally better. It was still noticeably gluey. Soggy elementary school cafeteria pizza is superior to this. I'm just baffled how the pizza can miss the mark so much. Are they using artificial cheese or some peculiar ingredient? Pizza isn't a complex food and doesn't require any ingredients they don't already carry for their otherwise excellent bakery and galley operations. How can it possibly be this bad?
  2. Hey all - first post here! Excited to read everything - we're headed out on Independence in March. (Have been on several cruises before and Royal Caribbean twice - how did I not find this blog before?!) My parents are on the cruise, too, and they were looking forward to having pizza on their balcony for dinner one night. They really like thin crust pizza. Is it possible to order this through room service or Sorrento's? (I read the post about the quality of pizza - I'm hoping it is better! We had some a couple of years ago on Mariner and it was edible but nothing terrific!) Thanks for any help you can provide!
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