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Found 5 results

  1. Doing my first solo cruise on Oasis Oct 1 out of Cape Liberty! Any other solo travelers?
  2. Any other solo cruisers going to be aboard? thinking of booking my first solo cruise
  3. Hi, everyone! I'm back on RCCL at the end of January. Can't wait. It's been a rough year and there's a lot going on right now, health-wise, with various family members. This will be a wonderful break from reality. (Though I have to work while on board, it won't be too bad.) We are sailing on Enchantment of the Seas out of Baltimore. Port stops are Orlando, CocoCay, and Nassau. Eight nights! First time on Enchantment, first time out of Baltimore, first-ever port stop at Orlando, and fifth solo cruise. I blogged last year about my first ever solo cruise on Odyssey, then on Allure. I was a little uncertain about solo cruising then and still finding my way into the experience. I'm not uncertain anymore. I love cruising solo and go into it with confidence and happy anticipation. There are still things that challenge me as a 55 year-old solo traveler.....staying in the hotel alone the night before always bothers me. I get a little worried getting into a taxi. Anxiety can creep into such situations a bit. But those are small things. Cruising solo is awesome, and for those who are tempted to try it--do it! I love making my own schedule, not having to compromise, not inconveniencing anyone if I stay up late or get up early. I love being at sea and exploring new ships and ports! I am happily married with a husband that does not like cruising very much and can't travel right now, but who likes to hear about it all. Sending photos and texts home to my family is lots of fun. I have found that as a solo cruiser, even though I mostly keep to myself, opportunities pop up all the time to meet people and eventually explain that yes, I am traveling alone. People are always so surprised and immediately intrigued! Sometimes I can see the wheels turning as someone realizes that cruising solo is an option they've never considered. I don't know what to expect on Enchantment, but I picture this cruise as being very laid back and peaceful. I picture being a lump in a lounge chair, or possibly asleep by the pool. (Maybe shamelessly eavesdropping on conversations nearby.) . But I'll also be walking, swimming, hitting the gym, exploring port, things like that. I basically want to sail away from 2022 and not look back. You know? I'll be blogging away when the time comes! See you then.
  4. I couldn't really find the answer to this elsewhere - I have booked as a solo traveller on Quantum out of Australia at the end of next year now. One of the things I have always enjoyed is ordering multiple appetisers with Dinner, but have always travelled with a group - so it has felt less gluttonous than it would be doing it by myself, we have just ordered an app each and shared around the table and eaten family style. That feels kind of redundant if you are by yourself! How have people handled this in the past - will they make a smaller serving, or do I need to just order one - just don't want to feel extra weird or wasteful about over ordering. Matt
  5. Going on my first solo cruise next year and was wondering if there's anything specific I need to know about solo cruising? so excited but nervous. Will be on Anthem of the Seas November 29, 2020 to December 7, 2020. Going to the Bahamas. Leaving from New Jersey, I live in New York so I won't have to fly to port, I'll be taking a cab to and from port. Any advice will be appreciated.
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