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Found 4 results

  1. Is this trip all the way to Carcross worth the time? Do you take the train round trip or one way with the bus the other way? If you take the bus in the other direction, which way is best to take the train? How comfortable are the buses? We are going in early July 2024 if this makes a difference. TIA
  2. I wonder what happens if you miss the Skagway all-aboard? We will be on Radiance next summer, and there is a morning stop in Skagway and then an evening stop in Haines, just down the way from Skagway. We will be fishing the Chilkoot inlet when we visit Skagway during the day with a third party. I wonder, could we "purposely" miss the Skagway all-aboard and re-board in Haines? Would RCG approve that? Would do this with advance notification to RCG and not "on-the-fly." Paging @twangster.
  3. When we are in Skagway next summer, we are scheduled for two excursions for the day: the White Pass train from 8:10 to 11:25 AM and then Ziplining from 1:40 to 5:40 PM. Any ideas as to meeting places? Since we will already be off the ship, do they have a meeting place on pier for those folks? Given that there are roughly 1:45 minutes of lunch time in there, do we eat lunch in port or go back to the ship? pinging @KJ1231 @twangster
  4. Hello. We will be cruising Alaska Southbound July 2019. We are looking for fishing excursions for both Seward and Skagway. I've tried scheduling with RCCL's Private Journeys, but they replied that they couldn't schedule anything (for Skagway). So, I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for these ports. Being that this is a Southbound, we will be flying into ANC three days before, spending one night in Anchorage. We plan on heading over to Skagway and remain in that port city for two days (inclusive of embarkation day). Any recommendations will be appreciated.
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