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Found 4 results

  1. I wasn't sure how to word the title without it sounding like bait or trying to be controversial, so I will elaborate below. I am in my mid-20s, autistic, and transgender. While I am more accustomed to dealing with the world around be as an autistic adult with minimal support needs (more so concerned about loud noises and how "picky" my food tastes can be, but not a real concern), I am mostly asking how I will be treated as a transgender man who is very early into my physical transition. There is a stereotypical kind of person who enjoys cruising, but I truly love relaxing, laid-back experiences, hot tubs, fine dining, classic rock, and spas. Cruising sounds like a perfect vacation for me and I am very excited to embark on my first one! (I tend to get along best with "older" people and am the closest with coworkers my parents age as we usually have more in common lol!) However, I know I visibly appear very gender nonconforming and I am no stranger to people being rude, uncomfortable, or straight-up hateful for my appearance or "unique" name (which was actually picked out by my father and wasn't me trying to have a ~different~ name, but I love that it's uncommon anyway). In my swimsuit I appear much more like a 13 year old boy than the 24 year old man I actually am, and in more formal wear it's about the same. I am on hormones and my voice is deeper, but I am still usually referred to as a girl by strangers. While I don't think I am going to be discriminated against or anything of that sort by the staff or yelled at by other cruisers, I do worry about how I will be treated in general. Will people make comments to me if I use the men's restroom? Will I get weird looks while swimming? If my party is seated with other cruisers at MDR will they judge me and make my dining experience uncomfortable? Obviously I am aware no one can answer these questions for me, but I was wondering if there were any other trans, queer, or allied people who have noticed anything while cruising royal? Is it a generally accepting, chill experience? I just want to be respected and viewed the same as other guests, but unfortunately this is something I worry about with any new environment. Note: this is NOT a post to discuss LGBT+ opinions, topics, identities, politics, or anything of that nature! I am only making this post because in my two years of researching cruising since I booked mine, I haven't seen anyone discuss anything like this. I am not looking to "invade" any spaces or make anything about "being trans/gay". I am only asking from a comfort and safety standpoint. No discourse, PLEASE. I would not be asking this or making this post if I didn't have reason to be. Please be respectful and kind. Thank you
  2. Hello, I'm a long time lurker, first time writer, but have some questions about MEI Travel and their agents (which I hear are wonderful). Thanks in advance. Once a cruise is booked with MEI, do the agents check for better deals when they are released? In general, how quick are they to respond to questions? How knowledgeable are they about the various ports of call? How knowledgeable are they with the embarkation ports and hotels/transportation? When paying for items, are we paying MEI and they they pay RCI or does the TA pay RCI directly using my credit card information. I've had issues with AAA in the past with paying for some things with Disney. We have a travel agent and we do enjoy working with them, but they are a "family friend" and travel agent is NOT thier primary job. We've not had any real issues, but I do have to check thee deals on my own and ask for a re-price to ensure I get the best deal. I'm a pretty hands on person, but love using the TA for cruises since I don't want to miss anything. Typically, I book the cruise with the TA and then book the hotel and flights on my own since we utilize our rewards programs and get some benefits by booking directly. We have two cruises still scheduled for this year, but am thinking about making the switch with our next cruise we book. I wanted to check here to get some information before I contact MEI and talk to an agent or two to see if we can make a good team for planning vacations.
  3. Hi all, my husband and I are going on our first RC cruise on May 29th 2020 for our honeymoon. We are doing a 7 night cruise to the Bahamas out of Galveston. We are both very excited but some blogs and reviews have me worried. I’d like to ask you all a few questions I have. Itinerary: -Galveston -Cruising -Key West -Nassau -Coco Cay -Cruising -Cruising 1) Has this cruise normally been done on a different ship or something? I can’t seem to find any reviews on this specific cruise with this ship. 2) Is the drink package worth getting for a 7 night cruise? My husband and I are wine drinkers so the discount for the bottle prices might be great and we are also stopping at coco cay so does that factor in when deciding? We do drink normally as well, not just wine to be more clear. 3) what is this lobster night I keep seeing mentioned in the blog? When is it? I want to do the chef table and I don’t want to miss out on lobster night while doing chefs table. 4) Any suggestions for honeymooners cruising? I want to get the most out of this cruise. We had to cancel our original honeymoon cruise because I became pregnant and gave birth 2 days after our 1 year anniversary. It’ll be great to finally celebrate a honeymoon and anniversary. TIA for all the help. We appreciate it!
  4. Hi, It's my first time posting on this forum after about a month of reading. I had some questions about my upcoming cruise that I am sure have already been answered somewhere, but I have yet to come across them. Just some back ground on the cruise it started out as a cruise with me and my father in an interior promenade room, and has slowly morphed into a cruise that includes my mother (Diamond), father (Diamond) , my girlfriend (22, first time cruiser, Diamond), and myself (Diamond). We currently have on 1 Grand Suite (one bedroom), and 1 Junior Suite, and we are on the wait list to upgrade the Junior Suite to a Grand. We have each purchased a deluxe drink package, the key, and the UDP. Now for my questions, 1. Is there any real difference between the Suite Lounge and the Diamond Lounge? 2. Will me and my girlfriend be missing out by not being able to enter the Suite Lounge? 3. In your opinions- is it even worth upgrading the Junior Suite to a suite in order to get the "'Gold Card"? 4. My girlfriend, a first time cruiser who has never been out of the country is concerned that since she got shared diamond status she will be looked down upon-Should I be worried? 5. I'm also wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks about the Liberty of the Seas that they were wanting to share. 6. I've read thru man of the "Liveish" cruise blogs and I am considering doing one of myself as this community seems like a great one. Thanks to everyone in advance!
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