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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, I have a question that I was hoping someone could answer. I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten a free upgrade from Royal Caribbean. See, I know this sounds weird because nothing in life is free, but me and my boyfriend are going on our second Royal Caribbean cruise together and since we are still young in our early 20’s we booked the cheapest room possible. We booked a guaranteed interior room, hence an interior room and they can put us wherever they want. Though, just yesterday I received our cruise documents that had our room number on it. I looked up the room on Royal Caribbeans deck plans for our ship, Navigator of the Seas, and our room is a Promenade View Interior, which is an upgrade from regular interior. We had no other charges put through our cards, and I know it is not based on a RoyalUp bid because RoyalUp sent me an email stating “the changes in my reservation have allowed me to bid on more rooms, and my previous bids have all been cancelled”. So, my question is has this happened to anyone else? Do I question it? Is it just luck?
  2. Has anyone stayed in a Promenade view cabin, please share your room pics/videos if you have. There seem to be just a few of these cabins on deck 7 on the Symphony of the Seas. They are spacious for an interior and have a window overlooking the royal promenade.
  3. Who has stayed in a promenade cabin on a Freedom or Oasis class ship? Are there any noise issues? I can accept music intrusion during the parade. Can the background music they play on the promenade be heard in the room? Walking on the promenade it looks like the speakers are above and below the bay windows. I have the feeling that it must not be a big issue since i don't see comments about it. But, I thought I'd ask the questions hoping someone might have firsthand knowledge.
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