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Found 5 results

  1. Cyber Monday is tomorrow and there are some very nice camera deals to be had. I’ve spent this weekend finding a camera for my daughter as her whole-family Christmas gift, and all the major retailers who aren’t named Amazon are having some nice sales. bhphotovideo.com bestbuy.com adorama.com I’ve been seeing some nice discounts on new-model cameras bundled with kit lense(s), case, and/or memory card all weekend. If seeing all of @twangster‘s photos has left you wanting some new camera kit for yourself, be sure to check out these sales if you haven’t already!
  2. OK, this is more of a post for @twangster and anyone else who's a bit of a hard-core photography hobbyist, especially those who want to work only with their phones so they're not carrying around a load of equipment everywhere. Feel free to skip this post if you'd like, I won't be offended. I finally got two of the Moment lenses I've been lusting after – the 2x 60mm equivalent telephoto lens, and the new 0.63x 18mm equivalent wide-angle lens – along with the required iPhone case, a wrist strap, travel case, and lens cleaning pen. Will see about grabbing the 170º ultra-
  3. Take a look at this Kickstarter campaign for the Rigiet (ree-jee-et) camera stabilizer – This is NOT your typical Kickstarter campaign. The device already exists and the campaign is purely to get the initial set of orders made with the manufacturer. There are real devices in the hands of tech reviewers (I found out about it via Apple World Today). So this is not your typical Kickstarter with major risk of never seeing a product. The campaign ends May 30, and there are limited "super early bird" slots to get one at a really steep discount (regular backers still get a discount, j
  4. Hello All! I am travelling on the Oasis of the Seas on 04/02/2017 and was curious about the photo packages, so I have some questions. - How much are the photo packages and what types do they offer? (I tried searching the website linked in another thread but it says my cruise isn't available yet) - Are they worth it? - Are the photos easily taken when getting off the ship at a port? Are they taken during dinners, or several times throughout the trip? - What is the quality of the images? Is it like a theme park picture or are they slightly better? Thank you in advance fo
  5. So I'm taking my first cruise ever, on Freedom of the Seas (8-night Eastern Caribbean sailing in March/April of 2018). I have some general questions I haven't found answers for after listening to the podcast and searching the blog and these message boards. Apologies if these have actually been asked a million times already. First question is about the main dining room. I'm looking at the deck plans for FOTS, and I see that there are three areas labeled "Dining Room" -- Leonardo Dining Room on Deck 3, Isaac Dining Room on Deck 4, and Galileo Dining Room on Deck 5. Are all three of these
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