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Found 4 results

  1. Are there new requirements for unvaxed kiddos? We are traveling very soon- next weekend on the Odyssey. This morning I got an email saying to schedule my children’s pre-embarkation PCR covid test using reference number in the email I received. I got no email. Today spent 2 hours on the phone with no less than three agents (most of that time on hold) as they tried to figure out my reference number and exactly what needed to do. They had no idea this was happening until I attempted to explain. Does anyone here know what is up? I was able to schedule their test for day of embarkation. (Note this is not the 3 day prior PCR, that will be done at home, but rather a test that will be done at check in) Have to make an account with bio reference to view results which requires uploading their birth certificate and was told to arrive 30 minutes prior to my scheduled boarding time. Until TODAY, I heard nothing of this. And I had to call. Anyone else? If anyone has any insight please let me know. I thought I shouldn’t arrive early. I thought test prior to embarkation would be done as part of check in and that it was antigen not PCR. I’m a planner and this is throwing me for a loop. TIA
  2. Royals website used to say it would administer a PCR for countries requiring it. It no longer mentions it at all! Only the testing for kids? Anyone have insight if its been removed as an option? Leaving next week and that would be a huge issue!
  3. Since borders are opening up and vaccines requirements easing I thought I'd share my experience on Allure of the Seas getting tested for travel to Canada after the cruise. In my case my booking appears to be a standard one cruise (no B2B) US booking. This means that testing for me normally wouldn't be required. I had communicated with the guest services team before boarding given my unique scenario of not appearing to need a test yet actually requiring a PCR test for travel to Canada. I knew that guests that are known to require a test would receive a QR code and instructions sent to their cabins. Since that didn't apply to me I waited until day 3 and visited guest services where they produced a QR code for me to use. I've obfuscated the QR code in the photo below since I don't know that it is the same for each ship and sail date so don't try to scan this code with your device. When using an iPhone the camera recognizes the QR code and pops up a link to follow based on the QR code. You have to be connected to the ship's wifi but you do not need to purchase a Voom internet plan to use the QR code. The link from the QR code opened in my phone's browser. Scrolling to the bottom there is a button you can tap to proceed. This opens a new page where you enter your details. For the purpose of this demonstration I chose a fictitious address in Manitoba. The next step looks for the closest location. Since this was on a sea day I was very curious what it would offer for locations near me. Picking another random address in Canada very far from the Caribbean where I was at the time it found the Deck 3 Conference Center some 3,337 miles from Whitehorse. For the purpose of setting the location of the ship they had given the Deck 3 Conference Center the address of the terminal in Port Canaveral where I boarded the ship. After selecting the only option presented, the Deck 3 Conference Center, I was able to select a time for my appointment. In my case I had been told that normally PCR testing for international travel is done at 6:30am and the antigen testing for other guests required for other purposes such as consecutive cruisers would occur later after the PCR testing. Surprised to see the 8am time being the earliest time offered guest services assured me they would look into it and let me know. They did follow up with me and the next day I received a call on my cabin phone to let me know they have adapted the process so that all testing starts at 8am, at least on this voyage. I do have a Voom internet plan on this sailing so I was able to receive the email confirmation for the test once I had completed the scheduling steps above. This isn't a requirement. I was never asked for the confirmation code. It is not required to have a Voom plan but it was comforting to see the process work very similar to how pre-cruise testing appointments have worked for me in the past on land. I am an early riser by nature so on the morning of day 7 I dropped by the deck 3 conference center at 6:30am just to make sure I was good with my 8am appointment. At 6:30am there was no one around so I breathed a sigh of relief that the process was working as guest services said it would. At 8am there were crew on hand at a kiosk with paperwork ready for the guests that needed to be tested. They asked for my cabin number and handed me a paper with stickers attached. The stickers had a barcode, my name and birth date. On this occasion consecutive cruisers or anyone needing an antigen test were directed into the conference to the right while guests requiring PCR testing for international travel where directed into the conference center to the left. I didn't take any pictures because there were other guests present including children. There are several testing stations and I was directed to take a seat in the section for Accula testing. Accula is an approved FDA test with an emergency use authorization. I handed over my paperwork and watched as they applied one of the stickers to a vial that would later contain my sample. When instructed I removed my mask and tilted my head back. The lab worker ran a swab around the ring of each nostril without going deep. If anything it tickled slightly but was in no way painful or difficult to sit through. With that I was done and directed to exit. After testing I went to breakfast and carried on with my day. It was a very easy and straightforward process. As I await my results my only advice for anyone from any country that requires a PCR test onboard is to keep an eye out for the testing letter with QR code and instructions. If you don't receive it by day 3 call guest services or drop by and ask them.
  4. I know everything is still so fluid and so much can/will change as time goes on. However, has anyone heard if RC said they would offer travellers who need a negative PCR test to return home one on day 6 instead of the antigen test? As of now we need it before returning and if it could be done on the ship that would be a lot easier! That being said maybe by DEC an antigen test is sufficient or no test...even better!
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