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Found 4 results

  1. My husbands credit card company expedited him a new card since his original was stolen. The latest it will be here is the 21st, but the final payment date is the 20th! Is there a way to contact and explain the situation to request an extension? We paid the deposit for our May 2nd cruise, but planned on paying the rest with a different card. (That has since been stolen. We did not book with a TA. update: I was able to get an extension! Thanks for the help you guys!
  2. No notices of my final payment due (which was last Saturday), and today (Monday, 2 days later) only a notice that they canceled my reservation and took my deposit. No willingness to let me pay balance and keep my reservation. Oh, but they want to book me at a price $600 dollars more! Poor customer experience! Do you really want to keep your customers? You were good at asking me if I wanted shore excursions, how come no notice of final payment due? How come no grace period? Poor! Poor! Poor!
  3. Yesterday i bought a cruise and paid only first price. When and how i should pay the rest of the price for the cruise? I booked and paid myself online in "royal caribbean" website. And can't find any option for payment. What should i do? The cruise in only next year, so still have some time. Thank you :)
  4. Can anyone tell me what the "extend payment with American Express" button does/refers to, when you're trying to make payments?? Also, is it possible to split payments over a couple of credit cards when the whole balance is due??? Thanks!
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