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  1. I was able to get through. The rep is on hold with their resolution team.
  2. @twangster Lol my hold time has officially passed 1 hour!
  3. @YOLO Thank you! So excited to (hopefully) sail! His original card was stolen out of our mail. So we never got to activate the original. We made the deposit with a different payment method to secure our spot. His credit card is with a local credit union, so although the account information is available, the credit card number itself is not.
  4. @Pooch Unfortunately that is only true with certain cards. His credit card is with a credit union that is unable to give him the card information before it arrives in the mail.
  5. My husbands credit card company expedited him a new card since his original was stolen. The latest it will be here is the 21st, but the final payment date is the 20th! Is there a way to contact and explain the situation to request an extension? We paid the deposit for our May 2nd cruise, but planned on paying the rest with a different card. (That has since been stolen. We did not book with a TA. update: I was able to get an extension! Thanks for the help you guys!
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