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Found 5 results

  1. Hi We have booked Wonder of the Seas to Caribbean(Sint Marteen,St Thomas, cococay) for Nov 13th. It is a closed loop from Cape Canaveral. My mom who is citizen of India plans to travel with us and has a valid US re-entry visa and a Indian passport valid for duration of her stay. Only thing is the passport will expire in 2.5 months(February) which means it's not valid for 6 months after we travel. I read on Royal Caribbean's website that they strongly recommend passport to be valid for 6 months from the date of travel. Will this be a problem with Royal Caribbean/CBP? Will they stop her from getting on-board?
  2. Hello, I saw another thread about checking in with a passport, which got me thinking. Other than cost, why would you not have a passport when going on a cruise? I could see for a child that may "age out" before being able to renew, but my wife and i treat the passport as "another form of ID" and got our passports before we did our first cruise many years ago. We've since planned other cruises with "first timers " and have convinced them to get the passport. Over all it seems easier to have the passport and not have to deal with your other important documents while traveling and it feels like it would be easier to replace the passport should you lose it and not have to replace the birth certificate if that was lost. We are a family of two, so we don't have the extra expense that other family may have, but we would have wanted our kids to travel with some type of ID "just in case" and we encouraged other family members to get passports for thier children. I agree it's a "sunk cost" especially if you don't think you will use it again before renewal, but with the ways things change you never know when it may be useful. For example, until very recently, our drivers licenses here in KY were not REAL ID compliant (I'll upgrade mine with renewal this year), so the passport ensured that we could still travel while KY was figuring out the REAL ID process if the extensions had not gone through. Our extension was set to expire before COVID, but they have extended it to this year, but with offices being shutdown they are slower to get the REAL IDS out to people and it gives me comfort knowing that we have our passports for the travels we have planed for later this year. Maybe I'm missing something that would be helpful when someone asks me about it in the future. Thanks!
  3. Hi, We're going on Allure in 3 weeks out of FLL. Our intenerary includes St. Maarten, PR, and Labadee. My mom and sisters passports don't meet the suggested 6-month validity rule, they only miss it by 4 or 5 days, and renewal isn't an option. I don't want them to miss any fun. How strict is RC about the 6-month passport rule? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I am going on my first Royal Caribbean Cruise in December. I called the help desk earlier to ask some questions about documentation. They lady informed me that we will hand over our passports when we check-in and that we will get them back when we get off the ship. Is this true? I have been on other cruises in the past with another cruise line. On those, we kept our passports. I'm just really confused. Thank you!
  5. I am now reading that they recommend passports should expire 6 months or later from the end of your cruise. Has anyone had trouble boarding ship when it actually expires in 4 months?
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