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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I have recently been looking into the various Credit Card / OBC / Stocks / Casino Rewards (other?) options offered by Royal / Celebrity. What is the most useful option or combination of programs to earn discounts/ credits / and the illusive 'Free Cruise'? May your ship lead you to warm sands, TwoCanSailAway
  2. Logged in to the cruise planner for an upcoming cruise and both my cabin and my in-laws have $50 in OBC. Never had OBC since we booked and made cruise planner reservations, but it pooped in there sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Anyone else seeing this? I’m all for free money, but not sure why we have it.
  3. We're taking a 4-day Bahamas cruise & plan to stay on the ship except for Coco Cay. It's almost 12 yrs since we last sailed RC. What's closed during port days & what's open as far as dining & activities?
  4. I have been on Enchantment twice and this will be my first time sailing on an Oasis-class ship. I will be on Oasis in Dec. 2018 and I have looked at the deck plans and i have looked at deck plans for all of the Oasis class ships, and i had noticed on the deck plans for each of the Oasis-class ships that there is a Starbucks onboard each of the oasis class ships, and would like to know if i could use my starbucks card at the onboard starbucks. Does the starbucks onboard the oasis class ships have the same coffee choices onboard as on land? I am enrolled in the starbucks star rewards program and i would like to know if i am able to use my starbucks card onboard the ship if i can also redeem any free rewards that i have earned? Also, can i use the starbuck app on my iphone to pay for coffee at starbucks if i have purchased the internet package and will also inform my cellular provider that i will be travelling and would like the international travel plan added to my cell phone account?
  5. I'm curious as to what special events you've encountered while onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. For instance, I've heard they have a ceremony when a ship passes the equator or passes the international date line. I've also received a souvenir copy of the New Year's Eve dining room menu when sailing on a New Year's cruise. The most unique event I've experienced was last year aboard the Brilliance of the Seas as we headed from Norway to Iceland. They had an induction to the "Frostbitten Blue Nose" Society in commemoration of approaching the Arctic Circle. The event was presided over by the captain and essentially involved getting a ladle of ice water (small, medium, and large) dumped down the back of your shirt, your nose painted blue, and a shot of some type of booze all on the pool deck in the rain. See the attached certificate and pictures. So what events have you experience that were out of the ordinary?
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