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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I have recently been looking into the various Credit Card / OBC / Stocks / Casino Rewards (other?) options offered by Royal / Celebrity. What is the most useful option or combination of programs to earn discounts/ credits / and the illusive 'Free Cruise'? May your ship lead you to warm sands, TwoCanSailAway
  2. Does RC send any type of “gift” to passengers who may be celebrating a retirement? I have heard of other cruise lines were you can message a loyalty ambassador and then they get the word to the cruise director who may send a little note or a little gift to a passenger’s Cabin. Of course, we are sending a small gift as well but we think it’s nice when a cruise line sends a little something. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am a C&A gold member, and had a couple of questions as I haven't been on RCL cruise for 5 years now. There is mention of coupons for drink specials, etc. Where can I find these? What is the likelihood of being upgraded to a suite? Currently in Oceanview Balcony Stateroom. Can someone share experiences who are also a gold member? I understand they upgrade higher class members first. What other discounts/benefits should I be taking advantage of? I have read the C&A members page, but there is limited information. Thanks in advance!
  4. Did anyone else get an email like this from RC: "you can enhance our upcoming cruise and reach the next Crown and Anchor® Society tier even faster. Spend a minimum of $450 per person on pre-cruise and onboard purchases made using your Sea Pass card on your upcoming cruise, and earn THREE extra cruise points*. No registration necessary. Already booked your onboard experiences? You, too, will earn THREE extra points after spending $450 or more! From authentic shore excursions, to delicious dining, to soothing spa treatments, reaching your next loyalty tier has never been so rewarding." 3 extra points? That is huge. Is this tiered too? If you spend $900 do you get 6 extra pts? The scuttle on this is that Royal Caribbean is testing the waters to switch the system from number of cruises and number of nights to a monetary tiered system. I hope this is true. Then you can just figure out how much they want in dollars and buy your way to a level of perks.
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