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  1. Hey there! We are not looking for a freebie. Notice I mentioned a little note or a small gift. We have sailed on one cruise lines where they sent four chocolate covered strawberries to someone celebrating a birthday. We also sailed a trans -Atlantic cwhere we were celebrating an anniversary and the cruise director sent us a bottle of champagne along with a fruit basket. So, it DOES happen in the cruise world! I guess not everybody gets it so they may not be aware of it.
  2. Does RC send any type of “gift” to passengers who may be celebrating a retirement? I have heard of other cruise lines were you can message a loyalty ambassador and then they get the word to the cruise director who may send a little note or a little gift to a passenger’s Cabin. Of course, we are sending a small gift as well but we think it’s nice when a cruise line sends a little something. Thanks in advance.
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