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Found 3 results

  1. My husband and I are going on a 7N Freedom of the Seas (FOTS) cruise January 2020. I'd love to hear of all your suggestions for excursions. We LOVE the water/beach but are open to other ideas as well. We have already been to St Maarten and did a RC snuba excursion which we enjoyed. All other ports we have never been to. With so many ports, we'd love to hear your feedback on ports to do an excursion versus no excursion-either staying on the ship or exploring the town. I should also note that one day we'd love to go back and stay at an island for longer than one day so any suggestions on day passes at a resort to explore those would be great too.
  2. For those who have cruised on FOTS, if you could only go to one of the dining venues which one would you recommend? Not interested in Sabor so it's a straight choice between chops grille and giovannis. Thanks ?
  3. Hi Gang, Noticed a $14 and change per day single person VOOM on the Cruise planner. This question is to any of you been on FOTS and used Voom, how was it? I know some ships are much better (bandwidth) than others, and I will need to do some "work" :( While on the ship. I don't recall seeing any "scopes" from Freedom recently, but then again, I'm old and forgetful. Thanks so much for any input. Jan 28th can't get here fast enough. Thank you all. Rob and Cindy
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