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Found 2 results

  1. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/05/29/canada-extends-cruise-ship-ban-through-october-31
  2. This Peak Foliage Predictor link showed up in my RSS feed today. It's currently for 2018, but my understanding is that it's updated yearly as the same link showed up in my feed at this time last year. For anyone looking to plan a fall foliage sailing for 2019 or 2020, I think this can be a useful reference to get an idea of when you really should try to book if your goal is to see the absolute peak colors. I've definitely noticed that the colors are coming much later than I've been used to for New Jersey, not really showing up until early-to-mid October the last few years, and that lines up with what this foliage predictor shows. Based on the current prediction, the 2019 Snowbird Migration itinerary would be the absolute best time to see the colors in the region. It starts right when this site predicts peak colors for the northernmost New York area, which is only a little south of where Quebec is located, and by the time it gets to the New England and Mid-Atlantic states in the US, they will have reached their peak colors as well. While I had been thinking of trying to book the southbound open-jaw itinerary for 2020 that goes from Quebec to NJ, based on the expected peaks and the current timing of the 2019 itineraries, that would actually be the second-worst time to go for colors (worst being the first northbound route), as nothing will be more than patchy at any point in the cruise. Since the Snowbird Migration route really wouldn't be a great option for me with the need for a one-way flight from Florida, I'm looking now at the last northbound open-jaw route before the Snowbird one; since I learned I can easily drive home from Quebec, taking this option would mean we'd get somewhere between patchy and partial colors on the way up through New England, be just at peak by the time we arrive in Quebec, have that overnight port day there to fully enjoy the colors on display while we explore the city and surroundings, and then have a spectacular display for the drive home through New York, which should be entirely in peak color at that point. I'll have to see (a) if there is any group cruise in June 2020 to CA/NE (I know, broken rec... broken rec... broken record), and (b) when the 2020 fall foliage itineraries get scheduled relative to these current predicted peaks. But assuming those itineraries go at roughly the same times, I think that will be my goal for a 2020 booking if there's no July 2020 CA/NE GC.
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