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Found 3 results

  1. I'm going on a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale to Cozumel Mexico March 12-16 and I was curious if I chose to bid in the RoyalUp program if there is a way I can guarantee a handicap stateroom? I'm in a wheelchair but I would not mind taking advantage of possible cancellations due to the coronavirus scare. However I obviously don't want to spend my money and then get a room I can't even access. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  2. Who: me, age 49+, DH 72, visually and mobility impaired Where: leaving Cincinnati for ft Lauderdale, Port of Miami, Monday morning embarkation on Navigator of the Seas Who else: meeting 4 friends from HS with with either DH or DS of their own Why: Celebrating the big 50. Girls did 40 trip to Vegas 10 yrs ago but wanted to bring others this time. Picked cruise since my hubby is both visually and mobility impaired and hoping cruise will work best What else: I'm afraid of flying and heights. DH usually uses cane but for this adventure to bought a travel walker and arranged wheelchairs and rented on from special needs at sea which is supposed to be in our room. 1305, deck 10, accessible interior room So, I figured people might be interested in hearing our adventures since we are going to overcome challenges. Since hubby is not totally in a wheelchair we may have some new insights into what to expect. Day 1-Saturday. Getting ready to leave Cincinnati. Decided to rent a hotel room near airport where I can leave the car and take shuttle to airport in morning. Managed to stuff everything in 1 carryon backpack, 1 large suitcase, 1 cpap machine duffel, and neck purse, since it's up to me to schlep everything while simultaneously not letting Dave run into anything or fall over something. No wheelchairs at hotel or shuttle so will need to walk slowly and carefully with travel walker (no seat, weight 7 pounds, folds up small small!) first arranged wheelchair at Airport. Flying first class on delta non stop to fll so Dave can be more comfortable. Mobility issues due to: various injuries caused by blind guy doing whatever he wanted while ignoring what could happen. As in, motorcycle rallies, dog showing, crew chief on pro race car, engine building etc. Ended up on front page of USA today years ago as only blind crew chief in drag racing. 5 yrs ago had major back surgery and now has a bunch of titanium pins and wires holding his back together. Other: my best friend and hubby are flying down with us, flying down a day early to stay at hotel in FLL, then taking a car to Port of Miami Monday morning. Against advice of everyone on these boards, traveling with birth certificates and id's since tax season (I'm a CPA) was overwhelming and never managed to get passports. Did buy travel insurance with evac and medical just in case. Will fill in more details as this adventure progresses. Send questions!
  3. I'm taking my friend for his first cruise this coming May on Adventure. Unfortunately he has HSP (hereditary spastic paraplegia) and requires at times his scooter to get around. Even though we booked the cruise well in advance, there were no accessory rooms available ?. I don't think it will be a big deal as he doesn't need it in the room to get around, only when we go out perusing about the ship or at the ports. Plus, our TA informed us that the crew can take the scooter and park / charge it overnight in a specified area and have it back at our cabin the next morning. I know that this topic has been broached before, but if someone had booked an accessible cabin and they aren't handicapped, doesn't RC have an obligation to transfer them to another cabin and the accessible cabin given to the people who really need it? Granted as I previously remarked, he doesn't need it in the cabin so I don't think it will make or break his experience. Also, any tips you can offer would be great as this will be the first time I'm cruising with someone who has mobility issues
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