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Found 4 results

  1. I'll be taking my very first cruise ever on Symphony of the Seas 7 days on Jan, 2020. I'm still getting use to all guides and tips on youtube/google. I've also been very vigilant on the cruise planner feature on royal caribbean website. My 2 questions below: What is the cheapest deluxe drink package you have ever purchased on specifically symphony of the seas? (I'm trying to grab an average so I know when to pull the trigger and buy) When is the best time to buy the deluxe drink package? I know we'll be going over labor day, thanksgiving, christmas, and new years. So i'm hoping one of those holidays will have a great sale for the DDP. (the only problem is I don't know the lowest and highest DDP has been sold for) Thank you all in advance for answering my questions!
  2. I'm interested at what people spent on their deluxe drink package. Cruise planner says 49pp per day but with a note saying its 50 % off the second person. I feel like it was the same without the " deal" so I'm interested what others paid. Note. I'm on the symphony of the seas 7 day eastern carribean
  3. I am traveling with my girlfriend on two cruises next year. I am getting the Deluxe Package is which means she is getting it too. I also want the one device Voom package. I assumed the Voom+Deluxe is the cheapest for me but it made me get that package for both of us which means I think we have Voom for TWO devices (overkill). I’ve seen various promotions including (I think) buy one deluxe and get one half off. Given that I want to end up with one device and two Deluxe, how should I handle and what type of promotion should I be on the lookout for? Larry Muster
  4. I bought a Deluxe Drink Package for our Oasis Cruise and wondered if I could bring a large travel mug to fill at the bars, so I.... a) don't have to keep going up to the bar and wait in line.... b) keep the drink cold over time. Will the bartenders fill a big travel mug for me? Cheers!, D
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