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Found 3 results

  1. I got a little carried away! I have 4 cruises scheduled between now and June 2025. I have never been so adventurous. First one is a.small 3 nigjt Celestyal Geek island that is part of longer trip. The other 3 are RCI. My November jewel is set, just checking prices. My February Harmony and June radiance just had pricing show up. The DBP and Key are more than $20 more than anything I've paid. I usually don't wory about key unless it is close to Voom price. But in February friends joining me are in a suite and it would help keep us together. My questions: 1. Does the key ever sell out on oasis class ships? I know I can book and cancel, just don't want to give any hint to their pricing wizard that current price is ok. 2. Is it feasible to wait for black Friday for a February 2nd cruise? 3. Port if galveston... does north parking ever sell out? There current $10 off sale isn't exciting Mr! 4. There was a spread sheet on here a while back on dbp where you could enter what you usually drink and what your loyalty package includes. I can't find it. Anyone have any ideas? 5. Is there an easy way to switch between cruises or open them in separate browsers? Thanks in advance. Sorry if answers are somewhere else. I just can't find them. And I realize these are extremely first world problems!
  2. Just a head's up to those of us on the Brilliance October 11 Group Cruise. The DBP is selling for $48 PP/PD. I haven't seen a DBP in the forty-anything since the beginning of the new year. YIPPEE !!! I cancelled our Refreshment Pkg (which had been a very good buy at $19 PP/PD) and purchased the UDP. I believe the Speednoodles family will be happy to hear this great news !!!
  3. Hi guys! My friends and I are going on our first cruise and there’s still a few questions we were hoping you could help with: 1) Will we save money by buying the DBP? We plan on drinking a decent amount of cocktails and having a few coffees and juices as well throughout the day, and we think we might actually break even. But is it likely we will save ourselves money? 2) How does the gratuity work? We’re from NZ and tipping isn’t the usual. If we only buy the Beverages package and we order an alcoholic drink will the tip be included in the price or added on top? Have you found that with the tips can be a “hidden cost” on the cruise? 3)Do you have any extra advice for us? Thank you guys!
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