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Found 4 results

  1. Hello - I'm curious about booking double occupancy then deliberately turning up solo (as price solo and paying for 2 is virtually the same, worthwhile leaving door open for a relative or friend who may want a holiday if free to go...) I know if no-one takes up my second passenger slot that I can simply turn up solo. However, I want to book a drinks package in advance and do not consume alcoholic beverages. I believe everyone in the same cabin also needs to have a beverage package as well. So my questions are: 1. Does the second passenger need to have a drinks passenger in advan
  2. We are cruising the Harmony of the seas at the end of May and this will be our first Diamond cruise. I had a question about the Deluxe Beverage package cost. I know normally it is cheaper to purchase this on the cruise planner before the sailing, but do Diamond members receive better discounts for this package on board? Thanks for the help!
  3. This is a question I always see on this board..."How early does ____ open for booking?" Today I logged into my CP and saw that everything, except entertainment, is open for my March 2019 cruise on Harmony. That is a whole 283 days out! And dining was actually out before at 328 days out! On the Harmony FB group, some are reporting that their packages are now open for June 2019 sailings. So it just goes to show again that there is no rhyme or reason to it.
  4. Just noticed that in the Cruise Planner, all beverage packages have the gratuities built in to the price of the package rather than added on separately. Royal Refreshment - $8 Royal Replenish - $22 Select - $42 Water - $47 Premium - $57 Ultimate - $67 All the above are in USD. Just thought I'd share.
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