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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! Just booked Symphony Ocean balcony room 10580. Trying to figure out if the bed will be near the balcony or near the bathroom. From my calculations, it looks like it should be near the balcony. Just want to make sure I am correct. Any one know?
  2. Hi All I find myself in turmoil and hope you can all help me out. We recently cruised on the Radiance and almost left the ship after the first night because the bed was SO bad! Firm would not begin to describe it. On top of this my wife has a bad back. When I was talking to management. Somebody in charge of Laundry. He explained that I should expect a harder (older) bed on a ship of this age. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. After a lot of arguments they were able to improve the situation but it was still the worse bed I've ever slept on and I've done a lot of camping. My question is. What experience do other people have on RCCL ships? Our first cruise was on Allure and that was one of the best beds I've slept on. We even looked at trying to buy one of those mattresses! They don't ship to Australia. http://www.royalcaribbeanbeddingcollection.com I was planning a Christmas cruise on Voyager but thats older ship then the Radiance. Can anyone tell me what the beds are like on the Voyager?? Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to follow Master Matt's advice about booking my next cruise but unfortunately in Australia we only have older RCCL ships. Thanks
  3. This is our third cruise with RC and on the past two I was able to setup our bed preference ahead of time and click a box that allowed them to automatically upgrade the room, etc... maybe they have change the website, but I cannot figure out where to go to set that up now? Can anyone tell me where to go?! I'm so lost! Also, this is the first cruise with our daughter and she will need a crib/pack 'n play and I need to know how to set that up as well... how would I go about doing that?
  4. On previous cruises, I have found that the bed is too hard for me. On my last cruise, I asked the attendant to add a mattress cushion topper to the bed, but it didn't do much. I was considering purchasing a foam top cushion and bringing it with me. Do you know if there are rules against bringing something like this? Does anyone have tips or suggestions for making the bed softer? Thanks again for all of the advice!
  5. Hey everyone, I am new to Royal Caribbean's site and for the life of me I can't find where I tell them how i want our beds setup. It currently lists as "Unknown" but I just can't fins where I would set it up?!?! As in "2 singles, or 1 king bed" Prefences Last times I set up the cruises myself (Carnival) and this time I am using my Sister In Law's travel Agent.... so maybe it is something that the agent needs to set? I dunno. I'd LIKE to share a bed with my wife, if possible! :D Thanks for all the info!
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