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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all! We are 44 days away from sailing on Oasis and both the website and the app aren't allowing show reservations yet. Does anyone know if they are still doing pre-boarding reservations for the shows onboard?
  2. Head's up for anyone who may be looking to book a 2 BR ATS but cannot meet the normal 5 person minimum required to book that category. With today's new pricing (which is nothing new, of course) I believe that Royal has failed to implement its minimum occupancy protection on one of the 2 BT ATS on Harmony. They have become very strict on requiring a minimum number of guests in the 2 BR ATS (I believe 5 persons is the minimum for those rooms) but I stumbled upon one this morning that is in "general inventory" meaning that it can be booked without the minimum number of people. The sail date is 17 Feb 2019 and it is a 2 BR ATS on Deck 10 (I think it's 10730 but I cannot remember whether it's the port or starboard side). It's pricey but at least as of a few minutes ago, it is in general inventory. So, if you've ever wanted to book one of these suites but never could, b/c you didn't have enough people, go check it out. It probably won't last though....they will probably catch it and move it back under the occupancy protection quickly. We have now booked 3 of these suites with just the 2 of us...so it is possible but very hard to find these days. We are on this cruise in 8330. Good luck !!
  3. Is $8,000 for a Star Class Aqua Theater for 2 people on Allure of the Seas in Jan 2019 a good price for that room category?
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