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Found 4 results

  1. So, I'm well aware that the potential of summer cruises leaving from Bayonne is very much up in the air, this could pertain to many people in the community whether or not we are cruising. Newark is shutting down runway 4R-22L from early July through October for repaving, refurbishment and upgrades. That is EWR's main runway and handles almost half of the traffic for the entire airport. There will be numerous flights cancelled going in, and you can probably count on significant delays and general unpleasantness for the flights that do remain on the schedule. Just a heads-up to think about when planning any summer/fall travel to the NY Metro area... https://simpleflying.com/newark-landing-runway-refurbishment/
  2. Im going for my first time on a cruise by my own. I read about the LV, but some pages says it isnt avaible for MIA (american airlines). Other says it does. Im not sure whats right. Also I wanted to Book a flight that departs on 11am. My cruise is suppose to debark 6am but doesnt know if it is an option. Thanks for any help and recommendation
  3. Hi first time fly cruising on Rhapsody of the seas Greek islands in June. I was wondering what my options are on the final day having just received flights and transfer tickets today. It says we disembarked the ship at 10.00 am and taxi transfer to Marco polo airport for a 18.50 flight back to London I don't fancy 8 hours at the airport .
  4. Hello. We are cruising out the port of Miami in April, and will be flying into Miami International Airport the night before our Cruise leaves. Where is a good place to stay overnight before cruising out the next afternoon? Are there any affordable places that still offer "free port shuttle?" We are Best Western Members, and usually use them, but before we book anything, I thought I might ask the pros on this Forum who cruise a lot more often than we do. :-) Doesn't need to be a fancy place since we're arriving at Midnight. Just want FREE shuttle to the Port, or affordable shuttle as well. Thanks Everybody~
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