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Found 5 results

  1. This is interesting. I've been watching the Deluxe Beverage Package pricing for my upcoming Anthem sailing for a while now. Before today, it's always been $56/night when no sale is in place (stock 20% off $70 on-board price), and $52/night when theres a BOGO50 (25% off $70 on-board price). Never changed in months of watching it. Today, the price is $52/night with no sale in effect. Verified I haven't received an email from Royal, and there are no banners in place. So the on-board price just got dropped to $65 -- 80% of 65 is 52. I'll be very curious to what this weekend's expected Memorial Day sale shows: A BOGO50 with the same $52 price? (meaning Royal IT just jumped the gun and enabled the sale price a few days early) A BOGO50 at $49/night? (25% off $65) The long-sought 30% off sale?!? At today's on-board price that would be $45.50/night (which as we've seen can be listed at either $45 or $46, depending on how they choose to round it) At the prior-to-today $70/night on-board pricing, it would be exactly $49 If they do 30% off at either price level, I'll grab that. $45 or $46/night is just at the level where it's not hard at all for me to break even without drink fatigue setting in. $49/night would just mean a couple of extra bottles of water each day to cover the small gap, and lord knows that the hydration around the cocktails and wine would be good for me! ?
  2. So I saw Matt's post about the latest Cruise Planner sale. Of course, I logged in and re-checked all the rates against my notes for the best prices I'd gotten so far. Most of the excursions and other items I'd bought were the same price, but a couple have gone up rather significantly: Deluxe Beverage Package is up to $48 per night from best of $43 All VOOM packages are up by at least $5 per night; my 4-device purchase is up to $48 and change a night!
  3. I just checked my Cruise Planner for my March 31, 2018 sailing on Freedom. No new discounts for any of my activities apart from the Dragon's Breath zip line, which is down to $79 ($4/ticket less than the best I'd found to date); in fact, the Dolphin Push, Pull, & Swim excursion on St. Kitts has gone up $15 from the best price I found. Everything else is the same as the last sale where I had rebooked all of my excursions and drink packages. I'm assuming the zip line price will stay as-is through the weekend; going to hold off rebooking it (and saving another $12) until it's business hours for the call center; that activity, for whatever reason, has always given me trouble when I try and buy it online, so I want to know I can fall back on a customer service rep if need be.
  4. Matt announced on the blog today that Royal is having a repeat of the earlier Sip, Tour, and Save sale on Cruise Planner purchases. If you already did the cancel and rebook dance with the last sale, do not assume there is nothing new to see here! Re-check all of your purchases and make absolutely sure! I discovered that the Dolphin Push, Pull, and Swim on St. Kitts had dropped another $15 per person to $119, having just rebooked it on the last promo for $134 each (and original purchase price of $149 each). I canceled and rebooked yet again, even though I just did this dance a week (two?) ago. That's another $60 saved for taking five minutes to through and re-check everything.
  5. Thanks to MEI Travel !!! Saved $45 on our Jan. 28th Freedom Cruise. Full disclosure, the "cost" increased $55, and we received a $100 On Board Credit...... Can't imagine how many "points" I can make with the wife, by taking her to "Chops" with the credit! LOL :) ;) :D Thanks Brock, With MEI Travel. GREAT JOB!!!!! Rob
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