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Found 5 results

  1. This will be our 3rd time on MOTS, but our first time in Jamaica or Labadee. 20 Days to go!!!!
  2. Great experience for the family. Recommended for strong swimmers, but life vests are available for intermediate swimmers. Consider having a driver to take you so you can stop and do other things and be a part of a smaller group - we can recommend a driver. It is beautiful there and you will have an exciting time climbing and jumping off the rocks of the waterfall and high platform. The experience is AMAZING! Between the tranquil waters, pleasant vibes and the wonderful tour guides, your time spent here is well worth it. Very therapeutic and you are able to hike all the way to the top and jump into the "lagoon" . www.coolblueholeochorios.com
  3. Here is a video review of Doctor's Cave Beach in Jamaica. Keep in mind that my cruise docked in Montego Bay so there will be no shuttle from Falmouth, but many people still go to Doctor's Cave Beach from Royal Caribbean's port as well. I have heard it is about a 30-45 minute drive from Falmouth, but if you contact a transportation service in Falmouth they can give you more accurate estimates of the duration and price. The beach was beautiful well worth the $9 it costs to get in. They serve food and have a full bar located in a large deck area behind the beach. There were plenty of tables to eat at and full waiter service. We had the jerk chicken for $10 and several Red Stripes that were $5 each. I've had better jerk chicken in Jamaica, but it was still very good. Is it just me, or does Red Stripe taste 10 times better on a beach in Jamaica? The beach had tons of soft white sand with a great view of some mountainous terrain in the distance. When we were there we had the option of staying off to the sides where it was more quiet or going into the middle of the beach where there were more people and a more upbeat atmosphere. We really enjoyed our day there and would definitely recommend it as a great beach day option in Jamaica. In our experience the beach day excursions in Jamaica tend to be a little bit expensive and we found this to be a great alternative.
  4. One of our group in the blog group cruise on the Allure is organizing an excursion to the big blue hole near Ocho Rios. It looks absolutely amazing...beautiful, but it also seems remote. Has anyone ever gone there ? Any insights ? It looks like a big blue hole in the water...sure 'nuff....but we have 1 cruiser who does not swim and is very hesitant to take this excursion b/c she doesn't want to just float around on a small boat all day. Are there any hotels, restaurants, beach areas around it where she could spend the day if the others want to go out on the water ? It just looks like some kind of atoll or reef around a big sink hole in the water. I didn't see any structures in the area. Thanks for the help !
  5. If anyone is interested in joining a small group of us who are going to the Blue Hole near Ocho Rios on the 21 Feb Allure sailing, please let me know. Please send me a private message and we will arrange to contact. This is a private excursion coordinated by one of our group. Expenses (per person) are as follows: $30 for transportation to the site and back to the ship $10 for admission to the blue hole $20 for river tubing (this is an add-on and will only be attempted if there is sufficient time and if you want to do it) $10 tip for the driver/tour guide $?? for lunch. Whatever you want to spend It is my understanding that this is at LEAST a 75 minute ride from the ship at Falmouth and another 75 minutes back. Our arrangement with the tour operator is that we MUST be back to the ship NLT 5:00 or 2 hours prior to sail time, if the sail time changes.
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