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  1. Thanks y'all. We wound up with 2 carry-ons because we're staying at a hotel tonight. One bag has all the stuff we didn't want in our checked bags and change of clothes once we board, the other toiletries and change of clothes for hotel tonight. Trying to make it easier for hotel stay. I may try and pack the smaller carry on stuff in our larger suitcase in the morning. I do have bags for our dirty clothes. We've traveled before, but never any that involved airports or cruises or dealing with checked bags. Other than a deployment, in which case I had as much crammed in a backpack as I could. lol
  2. Thank you. I found where flying you can take one carry on and one personal item, so I was hoping it was similar rules.
  3. Our cruise leaves Saturday morning, but we're driving down Friday evening so our bags are all packed and ready to go. My husband and I each have a carry-on bag: one small roller (19x13x7.5) and one smaller actual carry bag (14x5.5x11.5). Does my small purse count as an additional carry-on or will I need to try and cram it into one of the other two prior to boarding? Thanks!
  4. Our email confirmation we got for our cruise shows an onboard credit. I've seen some people say it may show up for use with the cruise planner, but we're 7 days out and it isn't showing. We are traveling with others who booked the trip for everyone through a travel agent. I'm guessing that makes the difference. Anyway, my real questions is this: Once we're on board, how does that credit work? Will any extra purchases we make be taken from that before being taken from our credit card used for the onboard expense account?
  5. Hi everyone! My husband and I are new to cruising. We'll be taking our very first one this month. We're so excited!
  6. Our first cruise ever will be 19-24 Nov 2016 on Brilliance of the Seas! Can't wait!
  7. Thank you for the responses. If we do purchase drinks separately, does it get charged each time to the card we keep on file when we check in or like a lump sum once the cruise is over with? I guess it doesn't really matter much as long as we can do that, but it'll be nice to know how the charges will show up so we can track them.
  8. Hi everyone! We are leaving on our first cruise on the 19th and I have no idea how the whole drink thing works if we don't purchase a drink package. Are any free beverages included at all with meals? We will be on Brilliance of the Seas. I keep seeing people mention a mini bar. Does that mean for each individual room? We have an interior stateroom. Does that make a difference? I'm so confused! I don't want to be spending a lot of money on drinks, but I don't want to just drink water the entire time either, ya know?
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