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  1. Pick up is at 11:45 am in their van, go to dive shop and fill out paperwork for dives. Then correct sheet on sharks for shark awareness cert. next it's out in the boat for first dive ( probably at the wall near feeding grounds according to rep) to swim and see sharks doing their normal daily routine. Back to boat for surface interval and move to feeding area, divers go down (wear extra weight and full dive skin or wet suit) set in circle kneeling around feeding spot once everyone ready diver with baitbox descends and the fun begins. Both dives are in the afternoon one early one mid afternoon, usually back by 5:00 on dock my boat leaves at midnight need to be on by 11:00 pm. Going on June 27 will definitely do a detailed write up on this excursion as there is not much on any of the sites.
  2. Stuart Cove said since I was booked through a third party they could not modify the reservation in any way, the girl was very helpful and suggested I look into the cancellation policy to see if it would penalize me monetarily or if I would get a full refund. Since I was cancelling further out than the 14 day cutoff I got a full refund of my 245.00 then rebooked directly for 250.00 plus tax with Stuart's. same pickup time and everything, just not covered if miss boat on return, well worth it imho
  3. I am doing this excursion through another app that counts down your days until you get on your " ship " so I am paying extra but they guarantee safe return to ship and will pay to get you to next port should you miss it. Think I will call Stuart cove directly and see if I can pay them directly to upgrade to the online certification you mentioned, can do the eight videos and test prior to the cruise and dives while cruise in port. Thanks for the heads up !!!! Will post back what they say about upgrade.
  4. Have only done one non ship excursion, am signed up for this in June 2017 and wondering if anybody had any input about this dive ..... note to self don't cut myself shaving that morning lol
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