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  1. I have back issues and often carry extra foam on the ships just in case there is an issue. The majority of the time I find the bedding to be satisfactory and sometimes very good. This winter and spring many ships got new mattresses that were beginning to be rather needed. We had some serious issues last winter on the Explorer just before her refit. We actually got a new mattress brought to the room. Overall I think that most people will find the bedding to be workable.
  2. latest on the rumors and probable happenings .... a post from "a person who should know"(lol) dated April 17th April 17th: On, or around, May 1, Royal Caribbean will announce and/or implement the changes in the Crown and Anchor program. No more Welcome Back (repeaters) Party on any ship. The Trials with this, on two ships back in February (?), was considered a success. Top Tier will continue. Meal with an Officer will be for D+ (340) only and Pinnacles will have a meal at the Captain's Table or Specialty Rest. with the Capt. or HD. No change in Tiers or Points structure. Some other benefits for D+ and Pinnacles that I could not get the precise details. All ships were notified two days ago so that they could prepare for the changes. Rumors still persist that Diamond members will lose lounge privileges but still have their drink vouchers ship wide during set hours. I personally think that this will probably be rolled out over the fleet in the coming months. I also do not believe any rumors about points and tier changes. It is a fact that the number of Diamond ranks have grown so quickly that the lounges are not even close to being able to handle the numbers of patrons. C&A should have changed the lounge thing when the vouchers came out. A missed opportunity to giving one bene while taking one bene. We will find out if this is true by this weekend.. I am going on Oasis Saturday so will see for sure about this.
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