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  1. My family and I just went through a lot stress and nail biting when early this Royal Caribbean sent us emails cancelling all extras ,side trips and shows on our cruise on Athem of the sea on January 27 /20 ,I called RC and they said to call our TA as he had cancelled trip and rebooked us in June. I called our TA and he said he did nothing and would check into it . It took him over 8 hours to get our trip recovered and back on system .Turns out it was a "computer error " on RC system .We  lost all bookings between TA and us ,it has taken a lot of arguing with various department to make or reservation whole RC gave us a $100 credit and it ended costing us $83 extra to book side trips again and do not talk about beverage packages  which we booked on sale and they wanted us to pay existing price a lot of conversations over this on . Has anyone had a similar problem as I think $17 is not ample compensation  

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      I would totally agree.... I'm wondering what your TA thinks ..... in my history, they tend to have a lot more pull with the powers that be than I would if I was going at it by myself, especially when there's a computer error.  But when you go through a TA, Royal will always refer you back to the TA to solve the issue.  After all, it's the TA's job to fight on your behalf.  Too answer your question though, have I heard of your particular issue, no, but, I have heard of many issues similar.  Go through your TA, have them battle it out.

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