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  1. Great summary indeed! And wow! Royal Flush and no tshirt haha... It did seem like to be a fairly large event in years passed. I won the satellite in Fall of 19' and they obviously had to cancel in 2020 and 2021, so this tournament has been outstanding for almost 3 years. @WAAAYTOOOThank you for the good luck!
  2. Any and all information for this cruise out of Miami in December would be appreciated! I have heard almost nothing from RCL and Club Royale Royal Poker Tournament out of Miami Dec 4th. Thank you! Craig
  3. Thank you, Matt! That is great news. Specific questions would be around the actual logistics. Hours? Rates/Costs? Reservations etc. RCL doesnt have very much online/their app that I can find. Thank you again for your help! Craig
  4. Hello! Does anyone know the status and any information about these programs ----Status of AO Babies program and AO Junior program on Oasis of the Seas? RCL website says they have it, but with no real information etc. Any input or feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!!
  5. Whats the latest with removing the vax mandate? Thank you for the response!!!
  6. Just spoke to RCL - their events call line for a cruise I have booked in December. She said that there will be an announcement coming soon (when pressed she said it could be in the next few days) with a change to the policy. Very interesting and hopeful for big changes! Let the Healthy Unvaxxed sail!
  7. Can someone please update the thread with what was said in the religious request? Thank you!
  8. Can someone please provide some guidance for how you can successfully get a religious ex emption ? Thank you and very much appreciated!
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