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  1. I'm looking for someone who has actually experienced this situation to let us know what the result is going to be: We had a cruise booked back in March 2021 - was canceled by Royal Caribbean due to shutdown Issued a FCC with 125% We booked a cruise under Cruise With Confidence program - the sailing is set for this July (2022) We used our FCC from the canceled cruise. If we cancel the July cruise, do they issue the credit back to our original FCC certificate or do we get to use the full 125 since it was already booked? From What the CWC states, we should get 100% of our cruise fare valid for 1 year from the sail date. When I called they said it goes on the original certificate...but that certificate was not issued under the CWC program. "after the final payment due date, guests will receive a CWC FCC equal to 100% of the cruise fare paid to RCL" Should I talk to another agent? Or has someone had to cancel a cruise that was booked this way...what was your experience?
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