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  1. On 9/5/2022 at 4:39 PM, The Fox said:

    Welcome. Sorry your cruise has been cancelled so many times. It should be a full ship, but lots of fun. Hope to meet up with you. We'll be in room 6550. But you'll find us a lot on the pool deck or deck 4 port side. My husband loves to smoke cigars.

    Well we may meet then, we'll probably go and smoke a few cigars together (I enjoy 1 or 2).  We are in 7396 😁

  2. On 6/19/2022 at 10:46 AM, WAAAYTOOO said:

    I’ve gotten cash back on every refunded cruise (even those including FCCs) I’ve had to cancel, so far.  Earlier this week I actually cashed out 2 FCCs that they had issued me when I cancelled our August Jewel cruise (unlike all of the previous cancellations, I cancelled this one prior to final payment so the FCCs were only the down payment).  I fought with them and told them I didn’t want FCCs but they would not relent but promised that they would cash them out once they arrived.  I didn’t trust them, but to their credit, as soon as I got the email for the FCCs I called and they cashed them out without a fight.  First time I’ve ever cashed out an FCC directly. As others have said, I think they’re trying to reduce their liabilities (FCCs are a liability to their bottom line) so hopefully it will be a little easier to redeem FCCs than it has been in the past.

    When cashing out your FCCs, did they give you the 125% or just what you paid into it?

  3. On 6/6/2022 at 4:51 PM, Bowen said:

    Nope, like Waaay said, you just have to tell them that your party won't be in compliance with the vaccine. When I called to cancel they actually stopped and asked me if I had tried to get a religious exemption, like they wanted me to know this was an option. I guess there are a lot of people cancelling, so if they can fill that 10% unvaccinated (which only includes those eligible, so not very young children) then that's extra income for them. We're still waiting for any word back, but they did ask for 15 working days, so I'll probably hear something toward the end of this week or next week. I am 100% not expecting to get it, but I'm 100% okay with that outcome. Either way, you'll get all of your money and your FCCs back, so it's a win. Hopefully the vaccine requirement will go away in the next round, or at least by the start of 2023. I'm really looking forward to cruising again! 🙂

    So if I've had FCCs used, then I won't get cash back? Only a reissue of a new FCC?

  4. Has anyone had any issues with RC not calculating credits correctly?  I have now booked a total of 4 cruises - 3 of which have canceled, and crossing my fingers we can go on the one in September.  I have a whole spreadsheet of charges, credits, and refunds, all color coded to connect to each other so I can keep track of what was used and what wasn't.  I have called multiple times to speak with a representative only to be on the phone for 2 hours going back and forth with multiple agents saying they can't see certain items, or that they need to transfer me to another department.  I need to speak with an agent or supervisor who can see EVERYTHING.  I have one cancelled cruise that is a group booking, I've got Onboard Credit certificates, regular cruises, so who or what department can I go to that can actually help me in one sitting?  I'm so fed up! 😤

  5. On 5/21/2022 at 12:09 PM, WAAAYTOOO said:

    Yes.  100% so far.  It’s not easy though.  Having a super star TA to handle this has been an immeasurable blessing.  All love and thanks to @michelle for everything she has done for us.  

    The process is pretty burdensome.  Basically, you have to pay your cruise in full (unless protocols have already been announced for the dates of your cruise…which has never happened for us 😢😢), then once protocols are announced, you can request a cash refund.  We were extremely fortunate to have gotten cash for all of the FCCs we had.  I bundled all of them into one cruise fare (Symphony August 2021) and then when we cancelled that one, Michelle worked her magic and they all got refunded.  It was almost $25K if I recall correctly.  It took a long time to get everything back but eventually it all came back.

    The next one I have is for Voyager in Sept.  I intend to downgrade my room to the lowest category I can (currently have a GS booked), then pay the [significantly reduced] balance when it’s time, and once protocols are announced, request a full refund.  This will be the first one I have had to do on my own (this is a casino upgrade and I didn’t involve Michelle b/c the casino has basically cut the TAs out for commissions on casino cruises.  They still get a small commission but it’s not worth the headaches they have to go through, IMO). Fingers crossed that it will be successful.  I would maybe try and use the religious exemption on this one but with my luck they would approve it and then we’d still be stuck b/c there’s no way we will take a COVID test !   Best to stick with the process that has worked for us in the past !

    You didn't have to try to have an exemption request on the books to get a refund?  We are booked For LOTS in September, and while we would love to go, we are not willing to take the shot to make it happen.  We originally booked a cruise for our Honeymoon in 3/2020, and have been trying to cruise ever since.  I would rather have the refund then have it continue to be tied up and no vacation to take 🙄

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