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  1. After this next cruise (first as Platinum) it'll be 6 more 7 dayers until Diamond. Then only Diamond on the 7th. So far away...
  2. The one time we didn't care for the table we had was on Princess. We had 10 people to the table and the service took absolute ages. Nothing against the other 8 people but I can't spend closer to 3 hours for dinner. After dinner we spoke to the head waiter and requested reassignment. They put us on a 2 top that was like elbow to elbow with other 2 tops. We could be social while also eating as fast as we wanted. That was nice as well.
  3. I only went to the gym once on Navigator to use the hot tub but I remember there being a scale in the gym. Someone else can confirm but I would think most ships would have one there. They probably hide it out of the way and keep it far away from the buffet.
  4. My wife and I took 5 cruises with just the two of us. Having random dinner partners for the whole week was part of the fun for us. Met and became Facebook friends with much of them. Some we even met up with after the cruise as well since they lived close. You met new folks, talked about your day and plans, etc. Of course it is totally up to you, you can always request to be at a 2 top. Personally we loved the traditional dining and meeting the same folks for dinner every night. A lot of the times we'd go to shows or have drinks with them afterwards as well if we felt like being social..
  5. Ok, so that brings up another question. When we had the drink packages before we had a coffee at the end before dessert. Since one of us only has the soda package is regular coffee with dinner complimentary? We normally just had black coffee and added cream or milk from the carafe. Actually we normally had Irish coffee but it was never a cappuccino or anything like that.
  6. I assume this is 100% no, but could I buy the three specialty dinners bundle and have two other people join me and I pay for them with my other two visits (use all three at once for other people)? Is there any other way to reduce the cost of taking a group to a specialty restaurant? The cost for 4 at chops is more than unlimited specialty dining for one person for the whole cruise. The alternative is lunch instead of dinner but I'll take that as an emergency option.
  7. Yes, booked via the cruise planner. If that's the case then I'll rest easier. Thank you.
  8. This is old but man, Texas really sucks I guess. Everyone I know here is freaking out about being able to sail Oasis class from Galveston. Opinion from Florida: Allure is horrible and harmony is just eh. Meanwhile I'm over here like a street urchin begging for any ship with Izumi that does 7 nighters like a peasant.
  9. I booked two excursions, one in playa mia (Cozumel) and a stingray one (Cayman). Our kids are 2 and 3 now. When I paid and booked the excursion it only charged for the adults, had a check mark next to the kids but charged nothing. I believe it noted them as infants as well. I'm nervous about this, the kids will be 3 and 4 by the time the cruise rolls around. Could I be in a situation where I show up to playa mia and they ask the age of my son, I say 4 and they charge me at the gate or something?
  10. We usually get the booze package but in our last 6 cruise-less years we've had two children who will be joining us for our next cruise on the Liberty of the Seas. We plan on getting one soda package and one medium package. I really want to make sure we get full use out of that package, so are there any places I'm missing out on? It can get mocktails at the bars, of course. Coffee at the cafe promenade. Fresh oj in the windjammer. What else? I heard shakes at Johnny Rockets without staying to eat. The package is getting full use, I don't leave money on the table so since I'm not going to be drinking 20+ beers, wines, and cocktails I want to explore all my options and not just drink fountain soda all day.
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