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  1. we fly out thursday so looking forward to this cruise its been years in the making and now its finally here
  2. they made it 9 days or less for no tests I don't understand why 19 would be different you are still on the ship.I hope they change that.
  3. I will be there with you my check in is 1130-12.I have both my visas and will order covid test to do in hawaii. I did them last year and it was simple and had results in 15 minutes.Getting excited
  4. we are also going to stay a couple days in Hawaii and Sydney can't wait. But we will be staying in Morea 2 days and there is only booking for first day. I called and they are working on it. Also disappointed we are not going to Bora Bora.
  5. was wondering what good shore excursions would be for this cruise without going thru royal caribbean
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